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Laser Teeth Whitening Dubai : Best Laser Teeth Whitening Dentists & Dental Clinics in Dubai

Laser whitening is clearly one of the most common and efficient cosmetic procedures at the moment. It works for everybody and this is why millions of people all across the world rely on this teeth whitening method to get the smile they have been dreaming of. Here you will find the main benefits of laser whitening along with other useful information that can help you decide if laser whitening is suitable for you.

Laser teeth whitening is popular nowadays due to its numerous benefits: the patient does not feel anything throughout the procedure and the whole treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes. In other words, this highly-efficient treatment is the best choice for those who want a brighter smile but do not have time for repeated treatment sessions.

Another major benefit is that the procedure delivers very good results right after the treatment is completed, and patients have reported no notable side effects (some people may feel a mild discomfort or sensitivity, but these effects are only temporary). Patients can whiten their teeth no matter how stained or discolored they are – they can get a smile that is several shades brighter in one hour. Nonetheless, the final result does vary from one person to another, based on several factors like eating habits or smoking.

Overall, this cosmetic procedure is very simple and 100% safe, if it is performed by a certified specialist. Laser teeth whitening (also referred to as “Light-activated Teeth Whitening”) involves the use of modern, state-of-art technology combined with a special gel that is applied on the teeth before the procedure. The treatment is a lot safer compared to other procedures and it does not involve bleaching with chemical substances. Most patients believe that the final results are more than satisfactory, given the fact that laser whitening can deliver a 10-shade improvement in what regards the teeth color.

What To Expect From Laser Teeth Whitening

As stated above, the results may vary from one person to another. Even so, the results are long lasting and patients can enjoy whiter teeth for 12 to 24 months after the treatment. If the patient avoids foods that are known to cause stains, the results can last even more.

The price also varies based on the clinic and the technology that is used. Generally speaking, this procedure can be quite expensive but it is worth it, keeping in mind all the benefits associated with laser teeth whitening. Even so, most clinics have special offers that can make the procedure more affordable, such as special discounts for new customers.

The procedure must be performed only by well-trained specialists that will give you all the information you need and answer your questions prior to the procedure.

Who Can Benefit From Laser Teeth Whitening?

Everybody can use laser whitening to get a brighter smile that will boost their self-confidence. Generally, smokers and people who drink a lot of coffee or wine are the ideal candidates for laser teeth whitening, but anybody can use this treatment to regain that snowy white color.

To summarize, this is what you need to know regarding laser whitening. It is a simple and time-effective procedure with guaranteed results, and no serious side effects have been reported. It is an efficient procedure that is becoming more and more popular among those who want to whiten their teeth in a safe and timely manner.

Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

It is easy to get an estimate of a laser teeth whitening cost and prices in Dubai from your dentist, but its true cost may be considerably higher. These hidden factors can greatly increase your overall costs. Your final cost may well consist of the combination of not so obvious factors involved in this teeth whitening process. Although it is expected that you should get your desired white teeth after just one treatment, it has been noted in the medical literature that on average it takes three treatments to make patients happy. Sometimes people need from two to six whitening treatments to achieve their desired effect.

One of the reasons for this may be in the fact that during the laser teeth whitening your teeth are exposed for a prolonged time to a strong heat. This exposure dehydrates teeth. As teeth dehydrate, they get whiter. Thus, your whitening effect is greatest immediately after the laser whitening treatment. As teeth re-hydrate with time, and it can take up to seven days, they tend to revert to their normal darker color. The dentists in Dubai know this and therefore recommend further treatments to achieve maximum whiteness.

Add at-home whitening kit

After you have had your laser teeth whitening you will most likely be recommended to follow it with an at-home whitening procedures. This at-home treatment will be able to compensate for the loss of white color due to teeth re-hydration. Hydrogen peroxide based at-home whitening kits provide further whitening effect. The other reason for using at-home whitening kits after the laser teeth whitening lies in the fact that during the whitening procedure the dentist needs to isolate your teeth from soft tissues to prevent their damage and discoloration.

Such isolation is more difficult to achieve on the back teeth. That is why laser teeth whitening quite often performed just on the front teeth. Once the whitening has been completed, your back teeth, especially upper molars, may be prominent when you smile and affect your overall look. To compensate for this, you will need to use an at-home bleaching kit.

You will need to enquire with your dentist if the cost of the kit is included in your laser teeth whitening cost.

The third and not that obvious laser teeth whitening cost and prices in Dubai is associated with any previous tooth restorations that you may have had. You have to remember that only natural tooth enamel will whiten and all your previous restorations such as veneers, crowns, bridges etc. will not. So, after you have had a laser teeth whitening procedure they will be considerably darker than your shiny white teeth. Additional procedures and costs may be required to rectify this problem

These are the three most important factors that you have to keep in mind when calculating your true laser teeth whitening cost in Dubai UAE.

Things You Need To Be Aware of Before Undergoing Laser Teeth Whitening Services

As we age, our teeth becomes yellower or stained due to a wide range of reasons such as unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, antibiotics and certain foods. Nowadays, there are various ways to whiten discolored teeth. However, laser teeth whitening treatment in Dubai is gaining recognition among people as it is fast, pain free, safe and effective. This type of teeth whitening therapy is undoubtedly one of the viable options and even people with sensitive teeth can make use of this treatment as it safe and pain free. Laser teeth whitening is usually performed in just 60 minutes and offers guaranteed results.

Visit the Dentist Before Undergoing Laser Whitening Treatment:

Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Dubai before undergoing laser treatment is a good option as it helps you to discuss with the dentist about the effectiveness of laser treatment and how it is performed. This initial conversation might help you to get rid of your anxiety about laser treatment and might prepare you physically and mentally for the treatment.

Merits & Demerits of Laser Whitening Treatment:

Before undergoing laser treatment, you need to have a clear idea about its merits and demerits to avoid unnecessary regrets later.

Some Important Merits of Laser Treatment Are Listed Below:

  • As peroxide solution receives powerful activating energy from the laser, it offers a very effective teeth whitening treatment.
  • It offers a faster recovery than other whitening treatments. Usually, patients can resume their day-to-day works within a few hours.
  • Laser treatment is performed in just 60 minutes.
  • It offers a long lasting result.


  • It is not applicable for everyone.
  • People with sensitive teeth might get irritation and gum problems after undergoing laser treatment.

Who Can Make Use of Laser Treatment?

One of the major disadvantage of this whitening treatment is that everyone cannot make use of this treatment. People with sensitive gums, tooth decay and pronounced gag reflex should not use laser treatment as it will cause severe side effects.

Is Just One Dental Session Enough to Whiten Teeth?

Depending on the intensity of stain or discoloration, whitening treatment will be carried out. Usually, just one session is enough to get sparkling white teeth. However, some people might need to undergo treatment for more than one time. After laser whitening treatment in Dubai, you need to clean your teeth regularly to de-stain. Avoid red wine, tobacco, coffee and tea which can stain your teeth in time. Brush your teeth twice and use a quality whitening toothpaste. To get desired results, choose the best laser whitening treatment in Dubai UAE.

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