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About Us

Dentals.ae has the most comprehensive and convenient dentist and dental clinic directory in Dubai UAE. Dentals.ae target to become the one-stop site for patient to find dentists, gain dental knowledge, discuss dental issues, and connect with dentists.

Looking for a dentist or dental clinic in Dubai UAE? Lost your Dentist’s details? Moving to a new location? Have a Dental Emergency? Dental Tourism – Looking for affordable and quality Dentistry in Dubai UAE? Want to get Dental Health tips? Want to know more about dental procedure or dental treatment your dentist in Dubai just recommended? Look no further. Your search ends here at Dentals.ae connecting you with the right dentist or dental clinic based on your needs!

Dentals.ae has made the dental treatment in Dubai just a call away by helping people find their dentist from even the remotest areas, and with benefit of understanding the dental procedure in such a easy way. Dentals.ae is a noble venture that elevates Dentistry in Dubai to the next level. Much required to promote oral hygiene awareness and even encourage Dental tourism to Dubai UAE. Whether you’re looking for a dentist near to where you live or work or holiday, one who specializes in the care of children or root canals or one who simply offers evening or weekend appointments, this site is here to help. The website promote oral health care among the general population and helping spread useful oral care information. Also a great platform for Dentist in Dubai or across the United Arab Emirates to get more visibile.

Dubai dentist directory is Dubai’s first premier exclusive Dentist Search Engine – The perfect way to find the right dentist for you or your family! Dubai dental treatments directory helps patients connect with their dentists quickly and easily! Breaking away from traditional sources like digital yellow pages, simple search engines and dial directories which only provide basic information like names and contact details, Dentals.ae does extensive research to provide you with a comprehensive database with more important and relevant information that helps make your decision easier while choosing the right dentist for you.

You can search by name, location, and/or speciality (laser teeth whitening, oral surgeon, endodontist, etc). Our exclusive database ensures you find qualified dental professionals in your search results. With the number of dentists increasing exponentially, there is an absolute need for increasing dental awareness and dental terminology, treatment options, oral health care, etc. Not only our directory a confluence of patients and dentists, it is also your online comprehensive library for dental and oral health. Our dental education material aims to equip you – the consumer – with oral hygiene and dental procedural knowledge and consequently make an informed decision about your requirements while searching for your perfect dentist online. With dental tourism increasing popularity in Dubai, our directory is a perfect destination to help foreign tourists find their preferred dentist and educate them about all available options at best possible prices and cost.

This site is operated by Digital One Emarketing. We believe that the Internet should be a source of free information and services. All of our sites and products are completely free to the public. Digital One Emarketing is a company in Dubai UAE focused on mining the information on the Internet and recognizing them for the ease of public use. We strongly believe that the Internet should be a source of free information. Therefore, all of our products, services and sites are completely free for the public. Dentals.ae is one of our products.

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