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Both dentists and patients need each other. DentistDig.com helps establishing the connections. DentistDig.com has the most comprehensive and convenient dentist directory in the United States. We have hundreds and thousands of dentist queries a day leading to office visits. In addition, we have answers, discussions, and dental guides for the direct patients and dentists interactions.

Promoting Yourself and Your Business is Simple

  • Add Your Profile
    We listed more than 95% of the dentists in Dubai in our directory. However, the directory contains only the basic contact and specialty information. You can claim your profile and add much more information to show off your accomplishment and increase the credibility, such as add an introduction, your licenses, your educational background, honors, photos/videos of your office, your schedules, acceptable insurances, etc. In addition, claimed profiles rank higher, which make it much easier to be found by potential patients.

    You can start the process by searching yourself in our directory first. If exists, you can claim it by clicking the “Claim and update your profile” link on your profile page. Otherwise, you can create an account to add your professional profile.

  • Upgrade to Premium Membership
    During and after profile claim, you have the option of upgrading your membership to premium with an annual membership fee of 99.99$. Premium profiles will always be highlighted and listed on the top of searches. In addition, the premium member profiles will be introduced across the whole site randomly. Premium profiles get the most exposure. Furthermore, no advertisement and no nearby dentists listing will be placed on the premium profile page. Premium members also have full control of the page content, including reviews and comments. Therefore visitors are not distracted on the premium profile pages.

    You will have the upgrade option during the claim process or you can use the “Upgrade to Premium” button inside your account to become a premium member.

  • Answer Questions and Initiate Discussions
    Dental questions, answers, and discussions can be posted on this site. These posts are searched and viewed by thousands of patients. All of the questions, answers, and discussions are associated with the poster’s profile directly. Sharing your knowledge by answering questions and initiate discussions will not only help the patients but also increase your exposure and authority.

    Check all unanswered questions or start a topic.

  • Publish Guides
    Dental guides and articles are more authoritative and have much broader audience than answers or discussions. If you have dental guides and articles, we encourage you to email them to us to publish on this site. These guides and articles are great helps to the patients. All the published guides and articles are associated with the author’s profile. In addition, for every dental guide or article accepted, you will get one year of free premium membership. Please note that we only accept guides and articles that you have copyright or distribution right. By sending to us, you authorized us the right to publish them on this site.
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